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How secure is the duty free shopping site?

Our website uses a secure server for all credit card transactions. This means that your credit card information cannot be read even if it is intercepted. Our checkout page (where we accept your credit card details) is a secure page. All credit card information exchanged between our server and your web browser, is encrypted, ensuring the complete safety of your payment details.

How early can I place a click & collect order?

Pre-order timeframes vary across our network. Pre-orders can be placed from 6 months to 3 hrs prior to your flight departure except at;
Adelaide: Pre-orders can be placed from 48 hrs - 6 months prior to departure
Auckland: Pre-orders can be placed from 24 hrs - 6 months prior to departure
Dunedin & Avalon: Duty Free is currently closed. 

Who can buy duty free goods?

To buy duty free or tax free goods, you need to be traveling internationally. To buy duty free goods from this website you must be flying into or out of a New Zealand or Australian airport.

Can I buy Duty Free  on behalf of someone esle?

No. Due to Customs regulations, you cannot carry Duty Free on behalf of another person. The name on the Duty Free order must equal the traveller name. In addition the Duty Free goods must be paid by the traveller. The goods will incur duty and GST if you are found not to be meeting Customs regulations.

What currency am I charged in?

All our prices are in NZ or AUD dollars. Your credit card will be charged in NZ or AUD dollars. For foreign credit card holders your credit card provider will convert the transaction to your local currency at the current exchange rates.

Are all goods I order sold free of duty?

All goods sold at Aelia Duty Free that attract import duty are sold free of that duty (ie. the price does not include any import duty).

How much duty free can I buy?

Every country has different Duty Free Allowances. Make sure you are aware before you buy or goods could be confiscated. Please also be aware of regulations around Duty Free when transiting in another country. 
New Zealand Duty Free Allowances
Australia Duty Free Allowances

How do I know my order has been received?

As soon as we receive your order, a confirmation email will be sent, including pick up location, flight arrival / departure time and details of purchase. When the order has been packed and is ready for pick up, you will be sent another email confirming order is ready. Should any items be unavailable, you will receive a refund notification email.

What do I do if I can't find the product I am looking for?

If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us by email . We will be happy to advise you if we have the product in stock


What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit card payments online, from Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, UnionPay, Google Pay, Wechat Pay, Alipay.


Where do I pick my goods from?

All collections can be made from within the Aelia Duty Free store at the airport you are arriving or departing from within New Zealand/Australia. Please note that duty free purchases must be collected prior to customs for arrivals and after customs for departures.

What if my flight details change?

If your flight details change please contact customer service ASAP. Email us at Call us on 0800 TAX FREE (0800 829 3733) if inside New Zealand and on +64 09 927 5460 if overseas. In the unlikely event that your arrival flight to New Zealand is diverted to another airport please make sure you have your arrivals sales docket stamped by New Zealand Customs on arrival when you pass through immigration. This will allow us to distribute the goods to you after you have arrived. If you need to change the name of the person who is picking up the Duty Free order you must contact Customer Service to arrange a name change (you will need to allow 2 working days notice although we do our best to accommodate late changes). Should we be unable to whatever reason to change the name on the order form we will refund your order.

What if there's been a mistake made with my flight details and my order is not at the airport when I arrive?

If your order is not at the airport for whatever reason your order will be refunded in full.

What if there's been a mistake made and my order is incorrect (e.g missing products or not at the Collection Point at the specified time)?

Due to Custom regulations we will not be able to send out your order if there has been a mistake made by either Aelia Duty Free or yourself. If this happens please notify us via email and we will refund your order.


Carbon Click

Who is CarbonClick?

CarbonClick was born to make climate action simple and transparent for businesses and customers alike, supporting the planet and humanity through projects we all care so much about. At its core, Carbonclick provides a user-friendly and seamless way for people and companies to offset their carbon footprint through a range of sustainable projects and initiatives.

What are carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions is a generalised term to describe greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, which are often carbon-based such as carbon dioxide and methane (CH4). These gases have global warming potential, meaning they trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and climate change. Carbon emissions come from activities such as the burning of fossil fuels (carbon dioxide) and the digestion systems of livestock (methane).

What is carbon credit?

A carbon credit is a mechanism used to measure and support projects that fight climate change. For every tonne of CO2 that a project manages to absorb or otherwise reduce, a carbon credit is issued. Carbon credits are certified by international standards and held in registries like the Gold Standard registry (international credits) and can be purchased to reduce the carbon impact of an initiative or activity.

What is carbon offsetting?

Voluntary carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions. To do this, organisations support projects that positively impact the environment and reduce or avoid carbon emissions that would have otherwise contributed to climate change. If the positive impact of this support negates the negative impact they have, i.e.: if the emissions avoided equal the original emissions of an activity, that activity is said to be “offset”.  In most circumstances, the activity or product can now be classified as carbon neutral as far as you’ve offset. Alternatively, a business may be able to offset this themselves and claim carbon neutrality or net zero carbon.

Where does the money go? How do I know it has an impact?

To enable our unique track and trace feature, CarbonClick pre-purchases carbon credits. Our transparent reimbursement model means that you can immediately see the retirement certificates from the projects you are supporting and know your contribution is having a direct impact. A key feature of a carbon offsetting project is additionality, which means the project could not go ahead without the finance of carbon credits. We rigorously analyse our projects to ensure that additionality criteria are being met and your money is having a direct impact.

Can I get the CarbonClick offset refunded with the purchase refund?

Once a product has been purchased, the CarbonClick offset cannot be credited or refunded.

Do I earn Aelia Club Travel Reward points with the contribution on CarbonClick offset? Can I pay CarbonClick offset by Aelia Club Travel Reward points? 

Unfortunately, Aelia Club Travel Reward points cannot be utilized for payment towards the CarbonClick offset. The contribution of CarbonClick offset does not qualify for earning Aelia Club Travel Reward points. 

Can I contribute to carbon offsetting through all Aelia Duty Free Australia and New Zealand websites?

The option for CarbonClick offsetting is now exclusively accessible through the Aelia Duty Free Auckland website.

More Answers

What if I want to pay by phone instead?

Unfortunately, we cannot place orders for customers over the phone.

Can I buy my duty free at one of your stores instead?

Yes. You can visit Aelia Duty Free at Auckland International Airport at arrivals and departures.Click here to see a complete listing of our stores and opening hours. However, please note that the prices displayed on this website may vary from prices at our Airport stores. Some of the specials promoted on this website might also be available only through this website or over the phone.

Can I process my Departure and Arrival orders together?

No. Since the flight details will be different for the departure and arrival orders you will need to complete two separate orders.

What hours are your Duty Free stores open?

Aelia Duty Free stores are open 90 minutes before flight departure and for all arrivals.

Can I order my duty free along with my partner's duty free?

As long as the order is being picked up at the same time from the same location, then we can process orders for more than one person as a single order. Please note that all dutyfree orders must be in the name of the person traveling to uplift their Duty Free order. If you need to change the name of the person who is picking up the Duty Free order you must call us at 0800 TAX-FREE (0800 829 3733) or +64 09 927 5460 to arrange a name change (you will need to allow 2 working days notice although we do our best to accommodate late changes). Should we be unable to change the name for whatever reason, we will refund your order.

Can I buy more duty free if my kids are traveling with me?

We can only sell alcohol and tobacco products to customers over 18 years of age. Duty Free can be purchased for all customers who are flying internationally and are over 18 years of age.

Can I take Duty Free containing liquids, aerosols or gels (LAGs) on a Transit Flight?

Yes! Our Security Guarantee means you can purchase LAGs (such as liquor, perfume and liquid cosmetics) from us and travel with confidence. We automatically pack every pick-up on Departure order in an officially approved Sealed, Tamper Evident Bags (STEB) in accordance with the guidelines issued by the European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC) - this ensures they pass airport security regulations. STEBs are added automatically to Departure orders (including those with stopovers and transiting) at a charge of $1 per order. This fee also ensures a FULL refund if your goods are confiscated by Aviation Security during your original journey. For more information about the Security Guarantee, click here.

What happened to Duty Free Stores New Zealand?

We have re-branded to our Aelia - our parent company. We're working hard behind the scenes to bring an exciting new approach to Duty Free shopping in NZ. Your account with Duty Free Stores New Zealand is still here and you can still access all of your existing orders.

I still need more information.

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